Why we rub when it hurts

You do it. I do it. We all do it. When we twist our ankle the very first response we have is to reach down and begin rubbing. We kiss our children’s boo boos for the same reason. We massage a hurting joint. But wouldn’t it make more sense to not touch an already sore […]

Stretching Versus Dynamic Warmups

What’s up with stretching? A lot of us grew up hearing that you should always stretch before a workout, game, or any kind of strenuous physical activity. The common knowledge there was that spending 5 to 10 minutes touching your toes (without bending your knees – no cheating!) helped prevent muscle tears or joint injuries. […]

Should I Consider Knee Replacement Surgery?

The road to deciding Deciding it’s time to get a knee replacement is a big step. Unless this isn’t your first patellofemoral rodeo, the idea of going into a big surgery on a part of your body you’ve had and used for your entire life isn’t the most comfortable idea for anyone. It’s perfectly natural […]

Coping with Plantar Fasciitis

At a certain point it seems like everyone has either had it or knows someone who has. Plantar fasciitis is a nightmare to deal with, most of all because the pain it causes is tied to something most of us can’t avoid: walking around. What is Plantar Fasciitis? Like a lot of the conditions we […]

Why & How Does Cold Compression Therapy Help?

Why & How Does Cold Compression Therapy Help? It’s a pretty good question. Anecdotally people find cold very soothing, but when it comes to feeling better it’s always smart to know what’s you’re dealing with. There is a genuine scientific reason for why moderate levels of cold reduce pain and inflammation, one which isn’t at […]

Responding to Common Sports Injuries for Weekend Athletes

Today’s professionals and parents are staying in shape, even with busy work and family schedules. More and more of them are continuing to play semi-contact sports like soccer, hockey, basketball, touch football, and softball – for some people, well into their 50s and even 60s. Weekend sports are fun and a great incentive to stay […]