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Do you accept returns?

Returns are easy. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase of a pain relief wrap or similar product, you may return it to us for a full refund. Please see the details of our return policy.

The short version: returns are accepted, for any reason, within 60 days of the purchase. We will email you a pre-paid mailing label, so the return shipping costs are on us. We are a small family business, and we are not happy until you are happy with your purchase.

Yes, the gel pack is included with the product. The additional gel packs shown in the accessory section are for those wanting some extra gel packs in the freezer for more frequent usage with their foot, ankle, knee, or elbow pain relief wrap. Browse our cold therapy wraps and gel packs here.

Yes, the ingredients of the gel are all non-toxic. However, please note that the gel pack is for use only in an übertherm cold compression product and should never be applied directly to the skin.

If you find that the gel pack is too stiff to use immediately after removing it from the freezer, you should leave it out on the counter for about 1-2 minutes, which will allow the gel to soften a bit before use.

After this time, the gel will take on more of a slushy consistency and be more easily molded to your specific body shape. We recommend massaging the wrap now and then as the gel continues to soften to better conform to your exact body shape.

To create a high-performance, long-lasting gel, we make use of certain ingredients that lower the freezing point of the mixture, such that it is crystallized into a white semi-solid at -18°C (about 0°F). The change from solid to liquid phase helps the cold last much longer, which is an essential component of our cold compression technology.

The most common cause for one or more of the cells not freezing fully is either (a) items in the freezer near the gel pack create an insulating effect, like a pizza box or other food items, or (b) the freezer is not set cool enough to fully freeze the gel (-18°C or lower).

If one or more of the gel pack cells aren’t freezing fully, please try the following:

  1. Lower the temperature dial of the freezer by 2-3 units to see if you can reach the critical temperature.
    2. Place the gel pack flat on a shelf with few items directly nearby (so they don’t insulate the gel pack).
    3. Place the gel pack low down in the freezer, as warm air tends to rise, creating warmer zones nearer to the top.

The gel pack cold coverage is as follows:
The knee/elbow cold coverage is 28 by 25 cm (11 by 10 inches). The shoulder cold coverage is 25 by 22 cm (10 by 8.5 inches). The foot and ankle gel packs are curved and provide full foot and ankle coverage for feet of almost all sizes.

All of our gel packs for foot, ankle, knee, and elbow wraps are formulated to remain semi-flexible right out of the freezer and can be molded to fit around your body. Massage now and then after positioning to ensure the gel packs conform better to your body shape.

The entire outer surface of the pain relief cold compression wrap is a layer of premium UBL loops for Velcro attachment, so it is infinitely adjustable. Even the arms are covered in UBL loops so that the material can be wrapped around twice and still connect just right. Each übertherm cold wrap is sized to fit men and women of all sizes. The Velcro pads are recessed and hemmed for maximal comfort.

If you are used to conventional ice packs, you may feel that the cold wrap is not cold enough. Please keep in mind that the healthiest thing for your body is cooling—not freezing—and to cool deep tissues takes time. Freezing can trigger the formation of tiny ice crystals in skin, muscle, and tendons, resulting in cell injury, worsening inflammation, and delayed healing.

Also, because the conduction rate is slow, the sensation of cold will be much less than with a typical ice pack—though you are still cooling the deep tissues. The cold therapy wrap is designed to conduct cold at such a rate as to bolster and support your body’s natural healing.

To ensure that you are getting the most out of your cold compression wrap, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Allow the gel pack at least 2 hours to fully charge before use. Place the gel pack flat on a freezer shelf, without surrounding objects like pizza boxes, low down in the freezer (as warm zones can form on the top shelves).
    2. Wear the cold wrap snug to keep any insulating air out that might block cold conduction (worn loosely the wrap will not function correctly). Do not wear over clothing as the conduction pocket is designed for direct-to-skin contact. Tighten to increase the cold conduction.
    3. Allow sufficient time for the cold to penetrate (about 25 minutes, or as desired).
    4. Expect that your skin will feel less frozen than with most ice packs, though your deep tissues will be cooled.

The übertherm cold wrap is designed around a thermal conduction regulating material (the green fabric-like pocket) composed of alternating layers of conducting and insulating materials to deliver cold therapy gradually, penetrating over time.

The übertherm cold wrap has conduction-regulating composite material for the pocket and is calibrated for direct-to-skin contact, so it’s not of much use right after surgery when you have bandages on. We normally recommend using the regular ice pack you get from the hospital until such time that your bandages are removed and then start using the übertherm for pain, stiffness, and inflammation.

Übertherm knee wraps won’t work well (or much at all) over bandages. After your bandages are removed, we recommend 25 minutes twice a day. But because the cold wrap doesn’t freeze, you can use it as often as you want, without risk, to help with pain and swelling, to aid in your recovery from knee surgery.

übertherm uses unique cold compression technology to help individuals suffering from foot, ankle, knee, or shoulder pain get to a place of healing and comfort faster. When it comes to choosing cold therapy products from us, our focus is on providing fast and comfortable pain relief to support recovery from common conditions, including but not limited to: a sports injury, joint pain, knee or shoulder surgery, torn meniscus, ACL injury, plantar fasciitis pain, joint inflammation, and more.

Whether you are a professional athlete looking for preventative cold therapy or recovering at home from a recent surgery or strain, übertherm cold compression wraps can help you ease pain and encourage healing. If you’d like to learn more, take a look at our page about cold wrap technology.

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